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MacVan Map Company shipping policy may change at any time. Prices quoted below are for US addresses only. International addresses have higher shipping charges for all items.

MacVan Map Company makes every attempt to protect product from damage when shipping by using the proper materials. Small items are mailed USPS First Class. Larger items will ship at USPS Priority Mail rates. Very large items or quantities may ship via Federal Express or United Parcel Service.

When an item has been shipped, the customer receives an email noting item is shipping, manner of shipping, and a tracking number. Customers are instructed to contact MacVan Map Co. if an item is not shipped in a timely manner, usually within three days, Monday through Friday; or for weekend orders, in three days from the first day of the following work week. If an item needs to be back ordered, MacVan Map Co. will contact customer directly by email or phone with estimated delivery date.

MacVan shipping policy is to charge by item type, rather than item weight, as many items, such as rolled maps, must be shipped in protective and odd-sized packaging. If you are ordering a large quantity of items, and wish to reduce your shipping costs, please call the store and place your order directly with the front desk for a negotiated shipping fee, or if you wish to pay for overnight or expedited shipping.

Most, but not all, of MacVan Map Company’s own publications, whether fold maps, wall maps or atlases, include free shipping year round. Free shipping also may be offered for special sales and promotions for any item. Every attempt is made to note “Free Shipping” in the description of the item and shipping charge is set to 0 so no shipping will appear at time of check-out during these special sales.

Most folded travel maps have a shipping cost of $1 per map. Most posters and atlases have a standard shipping cost of $5. Large wall maps usually have a shipping cost of $10. There are other wall maps that carry a shipping charge of $3. In general, most atlases have a shipping charge of $5 per atlas.

United States Geologic Survey maps, which are shipped rolled in a mailing tube, usually have a shipping charge of $3 per map. Most Bureau of Land Management maps have no shipping charge. Pamphlets have a shipping charge of $1 per unit. Most National Forest maps have a charge of $2 per map, because they are printed on heavy, waterproof paper and are more costly to ship.

Guidebooks usually have a shipping charge of $2 to $5 per book. Trails and recreation maps have a usual charge of $1 per map.

International maps have a shipping charge of $1 per map, with flat wall maps having a usual shipping charge of $5 per map, unless they are very large, in which event the charge is $10 per map and they are shipped in a large mailing tube.

During seasonal promotions, many globes are offered with free shipping. Standard shipping rates for globes vary from $5 for small globes, $10 for medium size table-top globes, with most floor model globes having free shipping year round.

Map accessories have a shipping charge of $1, $3 or $5 per unit, dependent on size, shape and weight. Rulers, map tacks and some small compasses have a shipping charge of $1 per unit.